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Lifestyle Crown Residence Suites

Lifestyle Crown Residence Suites

Lifestyle Crown Residence Suites
Cofresi Beach #1, Puerto Plata, Republica Dominicana
Puerto Plata, DO 57000 Map It
Puerto Plata and North Coast :Playa Dorada


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  • This resort made me never want to return.


    I would like to share with groupon an experience i had at lifestyles resorts in puerto plata, dominican republic. the service was awful. the shuttle buses were very slow. it ...

    I would like to share with Groupon an experience I had at Lifestyles Resorts in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. The service was awful. The shuttle buses were very slow. It would take an hour for a shuttle to come. The eletricity went out a couple of times. The water would shut off during certain times of the day. We walked to the next resort and the shuttle would drive by even if a person tried to flag the shuttle bus down to stop for them. There was no room service at the Crown Suites or the Residence Suites. If a person did not eat before 8pm they would have to wait until after 11pm to get a snack and the only snack was hamburgers, hotdogs and fries. If you went to dinner and ordered 2 entrees because you wanted to take one back to your room for a snack, the wait staff would look at you like you had a problem. We asked if there was a problem with ordering 2 meals and the wait staff pretended like they didn't understand what was said. One day at breakfast at the Casablanca, one of the timeshare manager's were talking to his group and went completely off in from of all the guest on his staff. He informed his staff not to give away any free incentives to a future timeshare investors because if they were at the Holiday Inn, they would not get anything free. So, why should they expect something for free from Lifestyles. This was so unprofessional of the manager. There was only 1 Television in the Residence Suites and that was in the livingroom area. The patio door was too short for the door way. Therefore, the patio door would lock on one side but it was open on the other end of the door because the door did not reach the other side. There were flying bugs (they look like flying ants) all over the inside of our 2 bedroom suite at the Residence Suites. We found bugs in the bed and Bugs in the kitchen light fixture. The pool water was dirty, because when we got out the pool we would go take a shower to get the chlorine off our bodies and our soap turned grey from dirt. The pool at the Residence Suite shallow end was 5'8" deep. There was a swim up bar, but no alcohol on the bar and no bartender. The mattresses were dirty, old and nasty. If you didn't have a V.I.P. wristband on, then the stafff disregarded you. V.I.P. wristband people were treated nicely. The shuttle bus would come right away for them. Many people paid $12 - $15 a night for all inclusive, but some people were charges as much as $99 night for all inclusive. Some Groupon people were told they could only eat at 2 restaurants and those were the Bellini and the Casablanca buffet. The Casablanca Buffet was ok with some of there food. The Bellini, breakfast and lunch was awful. The eggs were over cooked and the bacon was either not done or burnt. The food had our stomachs torn up for the entire week and for 7 days after we returned home. There was no internet. V.I.P. rode scooters and golf carts for transportation. Non-V.I.P. people had to walk or try to ride the shuttle van. The gift shops were over priced. $5.00 for a bag of potatoe chips is just too much. When in the states the same bag will cost $2.50. We requested extra face towels and they were brought to us the next day. We requested soda and water and it was brought to us 6 - 8 hours later. The people outside the resort were much friendlier than the people within the resort. I would NEVER RECOMMEND THIS AS A VACATION SPOT FOR ANYONE NOT EVEN MY WORST EMEMY.

  • Great Value


    My husband and i loved our trip to the dominican. the resort and beautiful and clean. the pool complex was really nice and we loved the swim-up bar. we ...

    My husband and I loved our trip to the Dominican. The resort and beautiful and clean. The pool complex was really nice and we loved the swim-up bar. We knew going in, that it was a time share resort, but we didn't feel 'bothered', as some may suspect. Resturant choices were limited, but the buffet was always open with a variety of delicious and filling choices. This was our first all-inclusive vacation and we had a wonderful time. We would definetely return to Lifestyle Resort.

  • Not the best family vacation


    This was not the best family vacation. we rented three suites for a family of 17 including my five month old infant. at check in we were not offered a ...

    This was not the best family vacation. We rented three suites for a family of 17 including my five month old infant. At check in we were not offered a crib, needless to say, my son fell out the bed. I was very upset, the floor was solid tiles! I spoke to front desk and was given a crib. On the second night, I slipped coming out of the bathroom. There was NOT DOOR ON THE SHOWER AND NO SHOWER CURTAIN EITHER. My mother took and shower and the tiles became wet. Being that it was night and the water gathered in the corner of the dark blue tiles, I could not tell it was wet. I fell and was stuck with a stiff neck for three days and the reception staff, the RCI concierge Michael and the manager just did not care!! My room was always very clean, but the cleaning woman never left washcloths. I called on Tuesday morning and got none. She cleaned and left none, I called again that night and finally got some. Did not receive again until Friday and it was one of the groundkeeper that brought it to my room. Management did nothing again! Management was good at telling me what was NOT there job, the rest of the staff was very friendly. Be prepare to tip, your service will improve. Activities are a big secret, tell it only to your best friend. As RCI members we were treated like second class citizen. The kids enjoyed the poor and the beach. I enjoyed the veggies and the fruits. Food was fine, kinda like eating on a cruise ship. The drinks were nasty unless you were VIP, which received top shelf. I would only return as VIP.

  • Honeymoon Getaway was Good


    The hotel staff were excellent. we had some issues with the a/c leaking into the room from the roof the 1st night we arrived. but it was handle eventually ...

    The hotel staff were excellent. We had some issues with the a/c leaking into the room from the roof the 1st night we arrived. But it was handle eventually even though it took a half a day to tend too.. The only uncomfortable part of our trip was the beds. It's like sleeping on rocks. We spend 6 days and 5 nights at this hotel and by the 3rd night my husband & I had to sleep on the couch for comfort. The all-inclusive meals were good on some nights and on other nights it really suck. I would reccomend for a short stay maybe 4 days but anything longer will have u running to get home to your own comfortable bed and fast food.

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