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Bucuti and Tara Beach Resorts

Bucuti and Tara Beach Resorts

L.G. Smith Boulevard #55B
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    My husband & i just returned from our 9 night stay at bucuti - this was our 3rd trip to aruba; we stayed at bucuti 2 years ago for our honeymoon which ...

    My Husband & I just returned from our 9 night stay at Bucuti - this was our 3rd trip to Aruba; we stayed at Bucuti 2 years ago for our Honeymoon which was amazing and last year we stayed at Divi All-Inclusive b/c it was a last minute trip and Bucuti did not have availability (Divi was just okay compared to Bucuti). We did visit Bucuti though and had an Anniversary dinner on the beach last year which I recommend to anyone on Aruba! We stayed for 9 nights total – upon arrival we were given champagne and when our room was ready (almost 2 hrs after we arrived) we had an anniversary gift of cheese crackers and flutes in our room – which was SO NICE  My parents & my husband’s parents also stayed at Bucuti for 5 nights each – they were also celebrating their own anniversaries so they had a gift bag as well! We had an amazing time with them and after they left we had a few days/nights to our selves which was great too! Prior to our arrival I made all our reservations for a car rental, dinner plans, excursions etc. via email through the Bucuti Concierge Desk with MADELINE – who is AMAZING, she totally helped 100% with ANYTHING we needed as did the rest of the Bucuti staff. Debra, the hotel manager visited with all the guests every morning at breakfast which was very nice and made everyone feel extra special. Bucuti truly appreciates their guests. Our parents had such a good time – thanks to Aruba being SO beautiful but also to the staff at Bucuti. They ranted and raved (as we did to them prior to visit) about how helpful, happy, sincere & welcoming the staff is. The resort recently went through a restaurant renovation – it turned out awesome (we knew what the Priates Nest looked like so it’s a total 360). The prices are little high for dinner for us but you get that all over the Island if you go to a nice restaurant – the menus are cool b/c they were ipads  - they have Vegan/Veg options as well as Organic and then regular options too which is nice to see. The food was great all around – the bar food/lunch food was good – the Ranchero Wrap was great and was just what we needed sometimes for little lunch (you can split it between 2 with fries). All in all, we’d say the restaurant was a success, it totally upgraded the whole beach front experience and has only made the resort even more beautiful! The breakfast was GREAT as it was 2 yrs ago – they have everything you’d ever want in the morning. Since this resort is not all inclusive – we ate a big breakfast and it would last us until late afternoon at which time we’d have a snack or an early dinner. All in all – we only had a $300 room charge for food/drinks after 10 days!! I would NOT SKIP this resort over just b/c its not all inclusive. There are markets walking distance now and supermarkets if you rent a car so I’d suggest getting some snacks and even beer/alcohol and bringing it back to the resort. Not full meals of course, but crackers, cereal bars, etc. to get you through the afternoon if you need something small to eat. We stayed in the Tara Suites and our parents stayed in the Bucuti Suites so we could compare 1st hand the quality of the rooms – they are pretty much the same, the only big difference is the Tara Suites are a little bigger and they are beach front. If you are trying to decide whether to spend the extra money or not, the big question is do you want a beach view? It was nice to be able to walk 2 min to your room at Tara but the Bucuti Building is just a few more steps away, in my opinion BOTH rooms were beautiful and you will be comfortable in either!! This is a “couples” sort of resort – there are a lot of Honeymooners and Anniversary Guests. It’s also adults only so you don’t have kids all around. We do have 1 complaint – we did have a few days were the Costa Linda guests actually walked over with their towels and bags and sat right in middle of the Tara side with KIDS – which was pretty annoying since we paid so much to stay in an adult only resort - It would be nice if they had a flag or something to let Costa Linda know where there beach ends and Bucuti’s begins. This is a small resort, so if you want the real island relaxation feeling this is your resort!!! The high-rise and downtown area and hotels are a quick and cheap taxi/bus ride away so you can really have the best of both worlds – we would hang out during day at Bucuti and some nights take a ride out to the high-rise/downtown hotels to eat and walk around. Notes on flights – we had an early flight so we had almost a whole day but we had to be at JFK at like 5am which made it a LONG day – when we arrived our room wasn’t ready for almost 2 hrs so that was a little frustrating. Our departure flight was at 4:45pm but check-out is at 12 noon – we asked if we could check out a 1pm which was great b/c we didn’t have to leave for airport until 1:30pm. A little advice – don’t go crazy trying to get an early flight in and late flight out b/c it makes for longer days and an extra hour or 2 is not worth it! We will be taking flights now that leave NYC at around 9am or even later and flights that leave Aruba at around 3pm or earlier. Positives: small resort, nice rooms, great food, great staff, amazing beach, Madeline at Concierge Desk. Negatives: Costa Linda Guests migrating on beach, our room wasn’t ready upon arrival. We LOVE Bucuti – we are already planning our next trip with our friends in May!! we love Aruba we love Bucuti and cannot wait to go back – it is paradise and we recommend staying at Bucuti to EVERYONE everywhere for any type of vacation especially Honeymooners!! No resorts on Aruba compare to Bucuti - We ALL had an amazing trip and cannot say enough good things about Bucuti!!!!!!!!

  • Had the Best Time at Bucuti & Tara Resort!


    My husband and i just got back from a wonderful trip to aruba.  we stayed at the bucuti and tara resort while we were there and we have nothing but ...

    My husband and I just got back from a wonderful trip to Aruba.  We stayed at the Bucuti and Tara Resort while we were there and we have nothing but great things to say about the place.  The customer services is off the chart and whatever shortcoming they had with respect to our room or service, they made up for it tenfold.   I would highly recommend this resort to anyone considering a trip to Aruba.  I loved the pool, the beachfront, the restaurants, the gym and especially, Carte Blanche.  This trip was a very memorable 40th birthday celebration indeed.  Thank you for the bottle of vino and cake to commemorate my 40th!

  • 10 year anniversary - best trip yet


    We had no idea where we wanted to go for our anniversary trip. this location in aruba was suggested by family that had stayed there a few years ago. it ...

    We had no idea where we wanted to go for our anniversary trip. This location in Aruba was suggested by family that had stayed there a few years ago. It hit all the features we were looking for--couples only, no one under 18, limited rooms, beach front, best beach, and some meals includes. Upon arrival we were greeted warmly by Jean Pierre who guided our entrance and provided the keys to our vacation by following three rules. If you go you will learn them!  At check in we were given champagne and helpful guides for our stay.  We were lucky to get a first floor room in the Tara suites--just like I wanted! The walk out patio leads right out to the beach and chairs--no fussing with elevators or other people direct access to our room. Ok to the point: My pros list * chairs are enough for each guest * chairs are The Best in the beach * the beach is the best and most quiet * guests were respectful at all hours * food options are plentiful - local store and familiar eateries are nearby * staff is helpful, courteous, and attentive * very clean - staff was constantly cleaning My observations (not cons) * cameras are everywhere - I say this because some people may be put off by it. We were fine and considering the beaches are public it's a safety precaution we appreciated. * badges are required for entrances to areas of the hotel. Again safety so no complaints here. * dehumidifies required at all hours. Just a result of the environment - kind of loud but necessary. Mold is an issue with the humidity.  * breakfast included - got a bit repetitive after a couple days. There are other options within walking distance.

  • Great place to stay!


    My wife and i toured all the resorts while we were there and somehow we managed to pick the top place to stay. if you are looking for a romantic ...

    My wife and I toured all the resorts while we were there and somehow we managed to pick the top place to stay. If you are looking for a romantic quiet place to stay with plenty of room on the beach. This is the resort. We are going back and Buciti is the resort for us

  • Very nice place to relax with a beautiful view.


    We just returned from a very relaxing vacation. the beach is beautiful, clean, and very quiet. the staff at bucuti are very welcoming and eager to help with your needs. ...

    We just returned from a very relaxing vacation. The beach is beautiful, clean, and very quiet. The staff at Bucuti are very welcoming and eager to help with your needs. We had a very enjoyable stay and would recommend this resort highly.

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